Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It’s funny…as a society, we are supposedly becoming more accepting.  We are calling out bullies and insisting on equal treatment.  There’s this huge war on “rape culture” and “body shaming” and “white privilege”.  And you know, I want these things to stop.  I don’t want people being picked at or made to feel bad for their size, income level, sexual preference, color the of their skin…or any of these other things. 

However, there’s a new breed of bullying going on in the world.  It’s those PC police who are just waiting for someone to make a comment that even remotely touches one of these buzz word filled, hashtag word concepts…so that they can attack.  There are a few people out there who have taken up their cause and they don’t even realize that they are now the bullies.

They attack you and make you feel like a lesser person for stating an opinion that vaguely reminded them of their big PC cause.  So they jump on you and immediately throw all their buzzwords and hashtags at you – when you really are not even close to doing what they are accusing you of.

I took a picture of a woman in a store one day because I thought her outfit was hilarious.  I posted it with my giggles.  I was immediately attacked for “shaming” this woman – when all I was trying to do was laugh about an outfit I found funny.  But the PC Police couldn’t wait to jump on me about it.  Here’s the thing.  I was not mean to this woman.  I didn’t say anything bad about this woman.  And I even cropped the picture so that her face could not be seen…because I was not trying to make fun of her or be mean to her…I was simply saying that I found her outfit funny.

I’ve been known to wear some crazy things.  I’ve been known to walk into a department store or drugstore in my Halloween costume or in my renaissance faire garb…because I needed something and didn’t have anything to change into.  And I fully expect people to see that and laugh.  That’s ok.  It’s funny!  Take a picture and post it and say “Look at this woman in CVS in her blue wig and crazy makeup.  She looks like a nut!”  Go ahead.  I did look like a nut.  I’m glad I gave you a laugh.

The fact is…things are still funny in the world.  Saying that they are funny is not “shaming”.  Stating an opinion on how someone should dress in a particular place is not “shaming”.  It’s stating an opinion.  This is not bullying.  The bullying is when the PC Police attack you for stating your opinion.  Especially on Social Media where you created your own page specifically that you COULD speak your mind. 

The thing is, the people who jump on you about these things rarely take the time to actually find out what you mean or to consider that you were merely stating an opinion.  They are so absorbed by their cause and fighting for it…that they go completely overboard trying to “correct” others.  But guess what?  By telling that person they are not allowed to voice their opinion…you are doing the SAME THING you are angry at them for.  You are shaming them for speaking their mind.  ::gasp::  Do you want to be the pot or the kettle today?

I’m all for becoming a kinder, gentler species.  I’m all for supporting people in doing their own thing and not being shamed for it.  However, the next time you DEMAND that someone not speak their opinion of something because they don’t understand it or see it the way you do, stop and consider who is being the bully in that conversation.  Because it might be you.