Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waxing poetic about my daughter...

So…today I was emailing a friend who was talking about bringing my daughter a gift for her new baby and also bringing her something for herself.  I told her that my daughter would appreciate anything that she did because she’s just lovely like that.
Then some things kind of washed over me that I felt the need to write about.  Thus…you get this blog…with me…waxing poetic about my eldest child.
I was 16 when I had her.  Way too young to be a mother.  But I had my mom to help and my family rallied around me quite a lot.  I was very fortunate like that.  Whatever my aunts and uncles may have thought about me getting knocked up at 15 and keeping the baby…they kept to themselves and they supported me on it and they loved her right away.
I can’t take all the credit for raising her.  My mom was a tremendous part of raising both my kids but especially my daughter because I mostly lived at home until she was 3.  And the times during that when I didn’t live at home, she spent a lot of time with my parents.  So my mom gets a lot of the credit.  I finally established and kept my own household from the time she was about 4 but mom was always close by and heavily involved.  My point is…between my mom and I…we somehow managed to raise this truly amazing girl-child who turned into this truly amazing woman.
On June 5th, she became a mother herself.  My grandson Blake came into the world at 4:29PM on that day, weighing in at 7lbs, 2oz and measuring 19.5 inches long.  He is beautiful and perfect and I was head over heels in love with him the minute I laid eyes on him.  But that’s another blog.
This one is about my daughter and her unbelievable capacity to love people.  She loves with her whole heart.  She is generous and giving and affectionate.  She tries to treat people the way she would want them to treat her.  She doesn’t hold back.  She is a good daughter…a good friend…and I think she is going to be brilliant at this “mommy” thing.
She appreciates the small things in life.  She doesn’t need expensive gifts to appreciate you.  She is as thankful for kind words and love and hugs as she is of money or gifts.  She is grateful for anything she is given.  Yes, of course she gets frustrated sometimes because she puts so much out and gets little back from some people.  I can relate.  I am the same way.  But it never stops her from being who she is.  She doesn’t let life’s hardships stop her from being this beautiful, giving, caring individual.  She has this indomitable spirit about her.  She may get down about things…but she will pull herself right back up and she will pull you right up with her.
She is beautiful on the outside…and on the inside.  Her heart is so huge that I sometimes wonder how she can carry it.  And now there’s Blake.  He is going to be an incredibly loved child.  He has a mommy and daddy who are head over heels in love with him and grandparents and great grandparents and aunts and uncles and just a ton of family to love him.  But most of all…he has my daughter.  He has this beautiful person to love him and raise him and teach him how to have a tender and loving heart just like hers.  She will teach him about compassion and forgiveness and how to love with your whole heart no matter how many times it gets broken.
He is a lucky child.  I am a lucky mother…and now a lucky grandmother.  Sometimes you just have to stop and look around at this crazy, messed up world…and realize just how blessed you are when you have someone like this in your life.
I am truly blessed.