Friday, October 9, 2015

Color me shocked

I decided the other night that I really needed to color my hair.  It was only an hour and a half before I should be in bed…so I decided I had better do it quick.  I went and got the box from under the cabinet and dumped everything out and separated it.  I opened the instructions so I could get the plastic gloves out.  I opened one of the bottles…then realized I should probably actually put the gloves ON.  So I took off my rings and dropped them on the counter and put the gloves on.  I proceeded to mix everything and apply it.  Well…for the record, I’m doing all this for the first time in my new house.  So I was more careful than usual about getting hair color everywhere.  My bathroom usually looks a bit like a murder scene after I color my hair.  But this time I was pretty careful.  I cleaned up the few little dots I had gotten on the counter and boxed up the unused product.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Later, I rinsed and conditioned and all that…and with a towel on my head, I went back over to the countertop and reached to put my rings back on.  But there was only one.

I wear two stainless steel rings.  Each has the name of one of my grandchildren engraved into it.  I could find B’s ring…but not A’s.  So I moved things around and looked for it.  Then I proceeded to tear my bathroom counter apart and look down the sink and crawl about on the floor.  No ring.  Then it occurred to me that it might have fallen into the hair color box.  So I opened it up and gently pulled out the container of unused hair color and looked down into the box…and then I dropped the bottle.  My previous pride regarding how clean I had kept the bathroom melted away as I looked down to find hair color sprayed across my tile floor.  It was all over my legs, my foot, the floor, the cabinet, the WHITE bath mat, the shower door….OMG…it was everywhere.  I let out a stream of curses so very unladylike that a sailor might have raised his eyebrows at me.  I was so angry.

I went and got cleaning supplies and got everything up except one tiny dot that had stained the closet door…I guess I’ll have to paint that.  I crawled about the floor scrubbing the tile and moved the bath mat and got it all cleaned up.  And still no ring.

Frustrated, I grabbed the hair color box, which was now filled with unused product which had leaked out of the now broken applicator bottle.  I was afraid it would drip on my way to the trash can, so I took the bottle and rinsed it in the sink.  As I did this…it made a very odd noise.  I quickly took the applicator lid off and looked inside.  There was A’s ring.  INSIDE the applicator bottle.  I had apparently dropped the ring INTO the bottle when I took them off.  I apparently mixed the hair color and applied it…all with the ring inside the bottle.  I dumped it out and rinsed it…and it is perfectly fine.  No stains, no damage.

I could not have come up with this story…or done this again…in a million years.  I want to say that if I hadn’t dropped the bottle and made a mess, I might not have found the ring…but I really believe I would have at least shook the bottle and found it…but I don’t know.  That is seriously the craziest thing that has ever happened to me while coloring my hair.

I hope my granddaughter likes my hair color.  I feel like she was part of the process.  Get it?  Process?